Guidelines for Recording/Videotaping Curricular Work

The Department of Dance has developed these guidelines in order to raise awareness of expected behaviour re: recording/videotaping curricular work, and to foster a culture of respect for intellectual and creative property, as well as for individual privacy.

While the Department recognizes the democratizing effect of the internet, the Department requests that students do not post curricular work publicly to the internet, unless by express permission of the Chair of the Department, and waivers signed by all concerned. Work is to be shared only via private file-sharing access. This applies to documentation made by the Department and/or by individual students for their own archives.

Students MAY NOT video faculty, TAs or guests without the express consent of the individual.

Please Note: Permission of all students is required for any and all recording in the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design (AMPD). Instructors may record studio technique classes for the purposes of reviewing work with individuals and/or groups of students, to familiarize themselves with the names and technical work of students, or for reference in grading.

In choreography/performance stream classes, instructors may video students’ choreographic work to assist in offering feedback to the class and/or individuals.

In classes where particular dances are being choreographed and/or learned, instructors may video classes for the purposes of working on and refining their own creative process, and to support rehearsal process.

Instructors may video informal curricular work for their own archival and/or research purposes and/or teaching portfolios.

Instructors may video studio and/or studies classes for their own teaching and/or research portfolios. Agreement of the Department Chair and permission of all students is required.

By arrangement with the Chair and individual instructors, video may be recorded for AMPD and/or Department of Dance promotional, recruitment, or advertising purposes. Such material may be posted to the York University, FFA and/or Department of Dance website, Facebook page, or other social media sites such as Vimeo (not YouTube).

Student Performances
The Department of Dance will record selected undergraduate curricular performances (i.e., Dance Innovations) for Department archives. The Department will attempt to provide fourth-year and York Dance Ensemble choreographers with a video of their own choreography (not the entire show) through a file-sharing service.

The Department of Dance/MFA program will video required on-campus MFA curricular performances – i.e., I Am solo concerts and Faire Fecan Theatre (FFT) proscenium concerts for Department archives. The MFA program will provide each MFA candidate with two copies of their research choreography – close shot and long shot – in the I Am and FFT shows.
Students may record their own choreographic work in a Department of Dance studio for archival purposes, and/or to support rehearsal and creative process. Permission of dancers is required.

Use of Departmental space for documenting non-curricular work by students is not permitted.

Students MAY NOT video faculty, TAs or guests without the express consent of the individual.