Joint Diploma/Degree

The Department of Dance offers programs designed to meet the professional interests of incoming students.

The Department also offers academic credit options for professional dancers. Please contact the Department of Dance for further information.

Teacher Training Program – Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS)

BFA majors interested in a ballet-focused studio teaching career should
consider our five-year Joint Diploma/Degree Program with Canada’s National
Ballet School. In this program, Dance majors combine study toward their
Honours BFA in Dance with the Teacher Training Program at Canada’s
National Ballet School (NBS). The program’s five years of study are divided
into two possible routes, Option A and Option B:

Option A
Three years in the York University Department of Dance, followed by two years
at NBS. Students wishing to pursue this program are advised to declare their
interest during their first year of study at York University, and to complete
their audition for the National Ballet School at the end of their first year.

Once accepted by NBS, students in this Joint Program receive separate advising
so that all the graduation requirements for York are met during the three years.
Prior to entering the NBS portion of the program, students are expected to have
successfully completed their Royal Academy of Dance or Cecchetti Elementary

Option B
Three years at NBS, followed by two years in the York University Department of Dance.
In this case a York University Department of Dance audition is not required for entry.
Please contact the Dance Department for further information.



Professional Training Program – The School of Toronto Dance Theatre (STDT)

The York-STDT Professional Training Program is a joint program offered with the
School of Toronto Dance Theatre (STDT). It is an Honours BFA program that draws on
the complementary strengths of both institutions, and is similar to the existing program
offered with Canada’s National Ballet School.

Students who successfully complete the three-year STDT Professional Training Program,
with minimum B standing (6.0 GPA) are eligible to apply for admission to the York BFA
(Hons) Dance Program. After successful application to York University, students admitted
will have up to 60 credits from their training with STDT applied towards their 120-credit
BFA (Hons) degree. Given that studio technique and performance orientation are major
components of the STDT program, students in the joint York-STDT program concentrate
their BFA (Hons) studies on theory and other non-studio courses.

A York dance audition is not required for graduates of the STDT Professional Training

Please contact the Chair of the Dance Department  at for further information.