Facilities & Equipment Bookings

  •     McLean Performance Studio (Studio F)  (black box studio, 90 seats)
  •     The Grant Strate Studio (Studio B)
  •     The Walter and Robert Carsen Studio (Studio A)
  •     Three additional rehearsal studios (Studios E, G, H)
  •     Two additional choreography studios (Studios C, D)
  •     Conditioning room (with resistance weights, Pilates/Gyrotonics/cardio equipment)
  •     Athlete’s Care (a physiotherapy, massage and sports medicine clinic)
  •     Recording facilities (for audio and video)

Facility Bookings

Studios and the conditioning room are available for booking by graduate students and undergraduate majors in the Department of Dance. Access is determined based on a student’s enrolment in the current academic term. Bookings are made at the Department of Music reception desk (371 Accolade East).