Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Honours

Our BFA Honours degree offers two streams of study:  Dance Education and Choreography/Performance.

Following the common first-year experience, students complete their studies in one of the two specialized streams. In April, faculty assist first-year BFA students in making the stream choice by assessing area strengths demonstrated during the first two academic terms of study (i.e., Fall/Winter)

Dance Education (BFA)

The Dance Education stream offers students the opportunity to explore theoretical and practical aspects of teaching dance in a range of settings. Through theory and practice, students develop skills for leading dance classes with diverse populations that may include children, adolescents, adults of all ages, as well as marginalized individuals and those with disabilities.

Upon graduation, students in this stream will be prepared to pursue dance leader positions in recreational, community, and private educational settings, as well as to pursue a consecutive degree in Education, graduate level studies, and/or other certifications.

NOTE: Students in the Concurrent Education program (BEd), as well as those intending to do a Consecutive degree in Education (BEd), or Canada’s National Ballet School Teacher Training Joint Diploma/Degree are automatically placed in the related Dance Education stream. Concurrent Education students, as well as those in the NBS track, must complete the requirements associated with those particular programs.

More information about the National Ballet School Teacher Training Joint Diploma/Degree Program.

Choreography/Performance (BFA)

The Choreography/Performance stream offers students opportunities for creative engagement with initiating, forming and presenting works of dance. With studio experience at its core, this training will provide students with skill in devising innovative movement and structuring choreography, through understanding choreographic elements and principles, and in the presentation of dance in various performance venues/media.

Graduates of this stream may go on to develop within the professional dance milieu as emergent dance artists, or seek further qualification and training in the growing fields of dance science and/or somatic practices.

NOTE: Students in the School of Toronto Dance Theatre Joint Certificate/Degree Program are automatically placed in the Performance/Choreography stream. Students must complete the requirements associated with that particular program.

More information about The School of Toronto Dance Theatre Joint Certificate/Degree Program.

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Admission Requirements

Academic Calendar – Degree Requirements

Sample Courses

DANC 1271 3.0-Dance Production

Examines all areas of production applicable to dance, to discover how each of these areas can individually support a unified collaborative artistic vision. Through lectures and labs, students will become familiar with current production practices, with an emphasis on creative collaboration, sustainability and safe working practice. During the labs, students have access to fully equipped, state-of-the-art theatre facilities and inventory. The course is divided into two components of equal import: Each week features a 90-minute lecture that will explore current technical theory (lighting, sound, projections and electricity for crew) and theatre management (front-of-house, marketing, publicity, budgets, fund-raising and professional associations). In addition, the weekly 120-minute lab component offers hands-on experience in lighting, projections, sound, wardrobe, and stage-management practices. Course credit exclusion: FA/THEA 1100 3.00.

DANC 1215 3.0-Contemporary/Modern Dance forms

An introductory course in modern dance. Emphasizes integrated movement, alignment, modern dance vocabulary, artistic expression, as well as the creative process. Required of all BFA dance majors. Corequisite: FA/DANC 1205 3.00.

DANC 2225 3.0-Choreography

Introduces the study of the basic principles of dance composition; both practical movement studies and analytic/critical work will be employed to explore the creative process and to begin to develop the craft and skills of choreography. Required of dance majors seeking the BFA degree. Prerequisites: FA/DANC 1205 3.00, FA/DANC 1206 3.00, FA/DANC 1215 3.00 and FA/DANC 1216 3.00 or permission of the Instructor. Corequisite: Current enrolment in dance technique, or permission of the department.

DANC 3235 3.0-Performance

Introduces the study and performance of original or reconstructed choreographic works in a rehearsal and presentation setting. Rehearsal time outside of the course meetings will be scheduled close to performance dates. Required of BFA Dance Majors in the Performance/Choreography concentration. Open only to dance majors. Corequisite: Enrolment in upper level Contemporary/Modern.

DANC 4270 3.0-Lighting Design for Dance 1

Introduces the theory and practical application of stage lighting design with an emphasis on lighting for dance. Prerequisites: FA/DANC 1270 3.00, or permission of the Dance Department. Credit Exclusions: FA/THEA 3130 6.00, FA/THEA 4130 3.00.