The York U Dance Difference

The faculty members in York’s Department of Dance are committed to student-centered, experiential learning. Our courses are designed with the diversity of our student population in mind, and students’ multiple ways of learning. We put knowledge into action, providing students with studio, lecture, and seminar experiences that will facilitate deep embodied and intellectual learning. Our mission is to inspire, develop and enhance creative and critical thinking.

Our curriculum is focused on preparing students for a range of dance-related professions and the step-by-step building of the transferable skills they will need to succeed. In addition to studio dance technique which we view as the basis of all our undergraduate degrees, we also train our students in critical thinking and writing. Such skills will provide a strong foundation for whatever career graduates may choose. Above all else, we aim to inspire leadership skills in our students, so they go out into the world prepared to be active innovators in the global field of dance.

The York U Dance Student Experience: Student Life

By Monika Davis & Miles Gosse,  2013/14 Co-Presidents

We believe that the past four years in the Department of Dance have truly been the greatest years of our lives.  As students within this program we have discovered how individual success is measured not only by our personal achievements but by the dedication, hard work and commitment to change and grow within oneself.  No matter where you come from, by living these values you can become the best version of yourself.  As dancers, York University has cultivated a deep understanding of dance in the widest sense and helped to broaden our knowledge of movement as a whole.  With specialized classes offered by national and international dance professionals, York U Dance develops the artistic soul, the educated mind and cultivates the scholar within.  Through the Dance Students Association (DSA) we strive to enhance student experiences by providing a variety of social events, workshops, and student led classes to engage the department as a collective.  Bringing our community of dancers, professionals, students and friends together is our mandate and our goal.