Christopher House, esteemed choreographer and York U Dance alumnus, in residence with the Department of Dance, January 2012. Video by the School of the Arts, Media, Performance and Design at York University.

Performances and presentations of choreographic and scholarly research are key dates for York U Dance.

With five annual curricular performances, showings and informal presentations, the Department’s event calendar is very lively. Curricular performances are supported by the Department’s faculty, and take place in the McLean Performance Studio, the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre, our dance studios and other venues on campus.

Student dancers have a variety of performance opportunities, including participating in undergraduate curricular performances, working with MFA candidates, and auditioning for the York Dance Ensemble in their upper years.

Graduate and upper-level undergraduate students present their research in Senior Projects and colloquia. The Department is enriched by visiting dance artists, writers and researchers, and often hosts dance conferences and symposia, embracing a broad range of investigation.

Toronto’s dynamic, culturally rich dance scene offers a vibrant dimension to research, and opportunities to attend performances of fine and innovative dance.

The Department hosts periodic residencies by renowned artists and scholars. In January 2012, internationally recognized choreographer and York University Dance alumnus, Christopher House, brought his company Toronto Dance Theatre, to work with the students. The residency culminated in a performance of House’s Pteros Tactics, in the Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre. The impact of this experience is captured in the short documentary video at the top of this page.