Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honours

Dance Studies (BA)

Following the common first-year experience, BA Honours students complete their degrees by focusing on cross-cultural dance studies. This degree prepares students to be dance scholars adept at articulating the complexities of the body in its cultural and historical contexts. Together with studio classes, intellectual training expands understandings of contemporary, popular, and traditional dance forms.

Students in this stream will be prepared to pursue graduate degrees in the humanities and social sciences, and will also be ready to enter the diverse fields of embodied performance, for example, as writers, archivists, curators, dramaturges, and researchers.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance (90-credit)

The three-year Bachelor of Arts (90-credit) degree shares the first-year courses
with the BFA and BA (Hons). Thereafter, students complete the degree through a balance of theory and studio courses.

Students in this degree will be well positioned to continue in a college-level specialized certificate program such as community & health studies, hospitality, tourism & culture, event planning, international development or public administration.

NOTE: As the BA 90-credit is a three-year degree, it does not support application for graduate school.