Suma Nair

Suma Nair’s artistic pursuits began with dance. Growing up in the Middle East, she was initiated into the study of Bharatanatyam when she was seven. She continues to practice, teach and perform the style extensively. Suma draws upon her training as an Indian Classical dancer to create the foundation to explore new forms of dance expression that combine Indian Classical and Contemporary styles. She has also received training in the creative artistic practice of Laban Movement Analysis. With an education in Business Management and Mass Communications, Suma Nair blends her existing skill sets with a career in dance as a choreographer and performer.

She has also received training in Documentary Filmmaking, and has worked on several videos documenting artistes and other professionals alike. As part of the Documentary program, she was chosen as part of a three-member team to create educational videos in post-earthquake Haiti for the NGO Save The Children. She has worked in the fields of Event Management and Public Relations, only to realize that she could use the expertise she developed there to build a career in the performing arts. Currently an MFA Dance graduate student at York University, she was recently awarded the Susan Crocker and John Hunkin Scholarship in Fine Arts for 2014-2015.