Shae Zukiwsky

Still life.

Those two words: still, life.

I can be absorbed into things.

Into a life lived in illusions.

Narcissus was cursed by a God, a profit sealed his fate.

My Gods are dead.  My belief is not.

I can create.  I can create Resistance.


A skilled choreographer and evocative performer, Shae Zukiwsky is a 4th year PhD student with a MFA degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, and a BFA degree in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University in Montreal.  Drawing from a long-established creative practice that crosses disciplines, Shae continues to theorize upon movement, embodiment, temporality, and belief in relation to his art practice. Resistance, a choreographic work set upon and performed with the York Dance Ensemble during the 2011/2012 Season, serves as an example of studio-based research in dialogue with philosophical and cultural considerations that facilitate his ethnographic dance scholarship.