Priya Thomas

Priya Thomas is a doctoral candidate researching the history of corporeal morphologies in modern performance. A classically trained dancer and violinist, she studied Bharata Natyam for 21 years with the primary pupil of T. Balasaraswati before embarking on a career as a musician. She holds a BA in Religious Studies from McGill University and an MA in Dance Studies from York University. She is the recipient of a SSHRC doctoral fellowship, the W. Lawrence Heisey Award for scholarly achievement in the Fine Arts, the Evelyn Carnie Rowe Award for research in Canadian dance, the Dance Scholar’s Award and the Manorama Thakkar award for Choreography. In June 2012, she was awarded the Iris Garland Award by Canada’s only dance research organization, the Canadian Society of Dance Studies. Most recently, in September 2013, Priya was awarded the CORD Graduate Research Award.