Jennifer Dick

Jennifer Lynn Dick is currently pursuing a MA in Dance Studies at York University. Her research interests are in combining history within a context of embodied thought from both a personal and community based point of view.

As a dancer, Jennifer’s early training included ballet, modern and mime, attending summer schools with: RWB, Quinte Dance Centre, and Quebec Ete Danse. Her professional training continued with the School of Dance in Ottawa and the School of Toronto Dance Theatre. In 1989, Jennifer worked with Ann Ditchburn in film and on stage. That same year, she embarked on a decade-long association with Desrosiers Dance Theatre, creating new work and performing nationally and internationally. Robert Desrosiers mentored Jennifer’s choreographic talent, presenting her work alongside company repertoire on a tour of Ontario.

Jennifer’s choreography has been performed across Canada. Highlights include commissions for the New Dance Festival, Older & Reckless, Dance Works and fFIDA, as well as presentation in Dancers For Life and Festival International Danse Encore. Most recently, Jennifer and Michelle Silagy’s collaborative work, The Identity Project: HoME/WoRK, has been performed at Douglas Dunn salon in NYC, The Wrecking Ball Dance Series, and 60×60 Toronto.