Elena Quah

Elena Quah is a PhD student in Dance Ethnography. She holds an MA degree in Dance, and a BFA degree in Visual Arts from York University. Working concurringly toward a Graduate Diploma in Asian studies through the York Asian Research Centre, Elena’s dissertation focuses on comparative case studies of Chinese dance diasporas in Canadian and East Asian soil. Her research examines “creation” and “training-education” in light of cultural influences, socio-political shifts, and changing Chinese identities. Geographies specific to the research potentially span the cosmopolitan fields of Toronto-Vancouver and Hong Kong-Taiwan. Elena is also a Toronto-based Chinese dance artist specializing in traditional Chinese dance and Chinese-Canadian choreographies. She has performed extensively and has worked as a producer, publicist and project coordinator in dance productions and her artistic collaborations with dancers and musicians of diverse cultural backgrounds. Her repertoires have been presented in events including DanceWorks Coworks, National Ballet Community Outreach and Education Programs, and the World Dance Alliance Conference and Festival.