Admission to the Dance (BFA Honours) program is based both on academic performance and artistic merit. Academic admissibility is assessed by York University, while artistic merit is evaluated by the Department of Dance. Therefore, the application to the Dance program is a two-step process.

Applications to this program are accepted for Fall (September) and Winter (January) entry.

You may apply to more than one AMPD program; however you must apply separately to each one.

Step 1: Apply to York University

You can apply through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) or York University’s Application.

Academic Requirements

Application Deadlines

Current York University students interested in transferring to the program should contact the Department of Dance directly at to apply.

Step 2: Complete the Supplementary Evaluation

In addition to applying for admission to York through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC) or York University’s Application, applicants to the Dance program must complete a Supplementary Evaluation.

Once you have applied to the program you will receive an email that will include your reference ID and directions for completing the supplementary evaluation. This email will be sent approximately 5-10 business days after you submit your application. If you are applying to more than one AMPD program, you must complete a separate Supplementary Evaluation for each one.

Dance Supplementary Evaluation

The Supplementary Evaluation for the Dance program includes a questionnaire and an audition.

The questionnaire and audition are intended to help us learn about your academic and artistic background, interests and goals as they relate to our Dance program.

A $60 CAD evaluation fee is required to submit your questionnaire. You will then be able to proceed with the audition.

Your audition involves learning and performing movement sequences that use elements from contemporary/modern, contemporary ballet and a world dance form, in a typical dance class setting with live musical accompaniment. There is also a guided group improvisation. Your formal audition will comprise performances in contemporary ballet (30 min.), contemporary modern (30 min.), a guided improvisation, and a contemporary world dance form (30 min.). Dance faculty members will evaluate your audition performance as well as your written component for the Supplementary Evaluation.

We encourage you to submit your supplementary evaluation as early as possible to be considered for an early offer of admission.

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What's Next?

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